Utdrag: The Reluctant Fundamendalist

Her skal dere få en smakebit på en av de beste åpningene på en bok jeg noen gang har lest.

Boken det hele er hentet fra heter The Reluctant Fundamentalist og er skrevet av den pakistanske forfatteren Mohsin Hamid. Han er en spennende stemme som har egen nettside, her, om dere vil vite mer om han. Men nå – over til boken!

«Excuse me sir, but may I be of assistance? Ah, I see I have alarmed you. Do not be frightened by my beard: I am a lover of America. I noticed that you were looking for something; more than looking, in fact you seemed to be on a mission, and since I am both a native of this city and a speaker of your language, I thougth I might offer you my services.
How did I know you were American? No, not by the color of your skin, we have a range of complexions in this country, and yours occures often among the people of our northwest frontier. Nor was it your dress that gave you away; a European tourist could as easily have purchased in Des Moines your suit, with its single vent, and your button-down shirt. True, your hair, short-croppes, and your expansive chest – the chest, I would say, of a man who bench-presses regularly, and maxes out well above two-twenty-five – are typical of a certain type of American; but then again, sportsmenn and soliders of all nationalities tend to look alike. Instead, it was your bearing that allowed me to identify you, and I do not mean that as an insult, for I see your face hardened, but merely as an observation.
Come, tell me, what were you looking for?»

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  1. Elisabeth sier:

    Denne boka har jeg mange ganger tenkt jeg skal lese. Utdraget forandrer ikke på den planen.

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